Astronomy Picture of the Day

'Oumuamua: Interstellar Asteroid


Nothing like it has ever been seen before. The unusual space rock 'Oumuamua is so intriguing mainly because it is the first asteroid ever detected ...

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Big Dipper over Pyramid Mountain


When did you first learn to identify this group of stars? Although they are familiar to many people around the world, different cultures have ...

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Curiosity Rover Takes Selfie on Mars


Yes, but have you ever taken a selfie on Mars? The Curiosity rover on Mars has. This selfie was compiled from many smaller images -- which is why ...

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NGC 7822: Stars and Dust Pillars in Infrared


Young stars themselves are clearing out their nursery in NGC 7822. Within the nebula, bright edges and complex dust sculptures dominate this ...

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Friday, the Moon Smiled


Friday, an old Moon smiled for early morning risers. Its waning sunlit crescent is captured in this atmospheric scene from clear skies near Bursa, ...

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Major Fireball Meteor


The sky glows with soft pinkish colors of fading twilight in this serendipitous mountaintop vista. Taken in subfreezing temperatures, the ...

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The Tarantula Nebula


The Tarantula Nebula is more than a thousand light-years in diameter, a giant star forming region within nearby satellite galaxy the Large ...

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NGC 7789: Caroline's Rose


Found among the rich starfields of the Milky Way, star cluster NGC 7789 lies about 8,000 light-years away toward the constellation Cassiopeia. A ...

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The Pleiades Deep and Dusty


The well-known Pleiades star cluster is slowly destroying part of a passing cloud of gas and dust. The Pleiades is the brightest open cluster of ...

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Comet Machholz Approaches the Sun


Why is Comet Maccholz so depleted of carbon-containing chemicals? Comet 96P/Machholz's original fame derives from its getting closer to the Sun ...

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